welcome to hunterstone

hunterstone investments is a small but fast growing it solutions business.  we aim to provide  it solutions to our clients, tailor-made to their specific needs and their budgets. we understand the requirements of our customers by applying a personal management approach: relating to their challenges as if they are our own and presenting them with ‘clever solutions’.   we strive to share the responsibilities and beliefs of our customers. 

for small to medium sized companies with no in-house it section, an organisation like hunterstone can be a blessing.  we work to a proven set of methodologies that guide our work and we try hard to balance leading-edge technology innovation with cost-effective, reliable, and secure it solutions that satisfies or exceeds our customers’ needs. 

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our aim:    to design and develop cost-effective, innovative high-performance it deliverables to improve the business productivity and performance of our clients and partners.